What is Gourmet over Mura?


Before, we used to travel for sightseeing! Today we travel for food!

The extraordinary experience of getting to know the Pomurje Region is offered by seven hosts joined in the project that will take the visitors to various destinations in North East Slovenia.

During a joint journey, the visitors will be able to choose their culinary experience and, according to their wish, visit each of the resorts where they will learn all about various culinary specialties.

Gourmet over Mura is conceived as a culinary tour, and you don’t have to use your vouchers in only one day with all the hosts. Tanja Pintarič: "It is recommended, however, because the visitor can get a superior culinary experience of Prekmurje in only one day."


Are you planning a food or wine tasting tour for friends or family?

If you are, then Gourmet over Mura is the right choice for you! Choose three or more hosts and get a discount with a voucher for the selected services at seven different destinations. Choose your tour and start your own story of culinary experiences!


Stories about knowledge, family, patience, tradition and quality will take you along the road to the Firbas Farm, Marof Winery, Šunkarna Kodila, Bevog Brewery, Rajh Restaurant, Steyer Winery and Kocbek Oil Mill.

With the Gourmet over Mura tasting “Voucher” you will get the guided tours including wine tasting and culinary pampering that will take you to the history of the family secrets.